Under-18s coloured belt Club Championship results

Patterns – 9th kup to 7th kupGold: Myles Kirby, Silver: Sophie Wardell-Priestley, Bronze: Lewis Kirby - Patterns – 6th kup to 1st kup - Gold: Melissa Oxley, Silver: Sophie Raine, Bronze: Nicole Oxley - Team Patterns - Gold: Thomas McGregor, Harry Collins & Oliver Contreras, Silver: Tyla Nawrattel, Nicole Oxley & Melissa Oxley - Sparring – junior grade lightweight - Gold: Liam Millane, Silver: Nicole Oxley, Bronze: Melissa Oxley – Sparring – senior grade lightweight - Gold: Estelle Eltham, Silver: Ryan Millane, Bronze: Harry Collins - Sparring – middleweight - Gold: Oliver Contrerras, Silver: Sophie Raine, Bronze: Ollie Verrian – Sparring – light heavyweight - Gold: Archie Riley, Silver: Josh Watson, Bronze: Kenzie Power