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GTI English Open Championship – well done!

Nine competitors, seven medals, comprising 5 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze; Will Bryan won gold in patterns and gold sparring, Dimitri Perricos won gold in sparring, Archie Riley won gold in sparring, Kenzie Power won gold in sparring, Oliver Contreras won silver in sparring and Tyla Nawrattel won bronze in sparring. There were excellent performances from Ellie Houghton, Sophie Raine and Deborah Westphal too. Well done to everyone who competed.

January Coloured Belt Grading Results

Congratulations to everyone who passed last Saturday’s coloured belt grading. There were ‘A’ passes for Dylan Walker, Izzy Cole and Ed Collins. Dylan won the Grading Award. Well done!

Annual Awards 2017 – Roll of Honour

Congratulations to all our annual awards winners; Courtesy: Henry Lewis, Theory: Maria Parratt, Perseverance: Caleb Allen. Effort: Hayden Owen. Leadership: Nick Nawrattel, Sparring: Will Oxley, Patterns: Daisy Johnson, Best New Student. (one from each class): Lewis Wilson & Dimitri Perricos, Special Team of Role Models: Monty Warner, Tyla Nawrattel, Nicole Oxley, Melissa Oxley. Most Improved Student: Ellie Houghton, Competitor of The Year: Will Oxley, Ninja of the Year: Ruby Collins, Student of the Year: Oliver Contreras.

Under-16 Coloured Belt Club Championship

Junior grade patterns: gold – Alexandra Busk, silver – Dimitri Perricos, bronze – Will Bryan. Senior grade patterns: gold – Sophie Raine, silver – Nicole Oxley, bronze – Oliver Contreras. Team patterns: champions – Tyla Nawrattel, Melissa Oxley & Nicole Oxley. Sparring (4 divisions): 1) gold – Harry Collins, silver – Monty Warner, bronze – Henry Lewis; 2) gold – Sophie Raine, silver – Estelle Eltham, bronze – Melissa Oxley; 3) gold – Archie Riley, silver – Oliver Contreras, bronze – Bella Riley; 4) gold – Ellie Houghton, silver – Dimitri Perricos, bronze – Kenzie Power.

GTI British Open Championship

Well done to everyone who competed at the GTI British Open Championship. We returned with 8 medals; Melissa Oxley – patterns bronze, Will Oxley – patterns bronze, Oliver Contreras sparring bronze, Nicole Oxley – sparring bronze, Kenzie Power – sparring silver, Melissa Oxley – sparring silver, Dimitri Perricos – sparring silver, Will Oxley – sparring silver.

Summer Camp

Thank you to all the members and their families who attended the fabulous Summer Camp with our friends from TSA.

TSA Tournament – well done!

Well done to those members who competed at the TSA Tournament in Kent. There were silver medals for Will Oxley in patterns and Monty Warner in sparring. Melissa Oxley won gold in patterns and Will Oxley won gold in sparring.

PUMA International Open Championship

Congratulations to all the squad who competed at the PUMA International Open Championship. Daisy Johnson won silver in black belt patterns; Melissa Oxley won gold in green belt patterns; Nicole Oxley won silver in green belt patterns; Oliver Contreras won gold in green belt patterns and silver in sparring; Will Oxley won gold in over-36 men’s patterns and sparring. There were also excellent performances from Sophie Raine, Oliver Verrian and Archie Riley.

GTI English Open Championship

Well done to Estelle Eltham, Harry Collins, Ryan Millane and Oliver Contreras who all competed at the GTI English Open Championship. Ryan won the bronze medal in his sparring category and Oliver won the gold medal in both his sparring and his patterns category.

Annual Awards 2016 – Roll of Honour

Congratulations to all our Annual Award winners for 2016 – Competitor of The Year: Oliver Contreras, Courtesy: Hayden Owen, Theory: Tyla Nawrattel, Perseverance: Millie Davies, Indomitable Spirit: Nick Nawrattel, Dedication: Nicole & Melissa Oxley, Effort: Sophie Raine, Leadership: Daisy Johnson, Sparring: Archie Riley, Patterns: Bella Riley, Best New Student, (one from each class): Sophie Wardell-Priestley & Lewis Kirby, Most Improved Student: Jason Gill, Student of the Year: Will Oxley.