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Annual Awards 2018 – Roll of Honour

Congratulations to all our annual awards winners; Courtesy - George Bagshaw, Theory – Emma Smith, Perseverance – Sophie Raine, Effort – Maria Parratt, Leadership – Ellie Houghton, Sparring – Will Oxley, Patterns - Daisy Johnson, Best New Students -Ted Maxwell & Rachel Nawrattel, Most Improved Student - Eden Walker, Competitor of The Year – Will Bryan, Ninja of the Year – Maddie Bevan & Theo Hartley,  Student of the Year – Ellie Houghton.

GTI British Open Championship 2018

Well done to all our students who competed at the GTI British Open. Our squad came home with nine medals – 3 gold, 1 silver and 5 bronze – and a whole load of valuable experience; Lulu Oram-Tooley – bronze in patterns, Dimitri Perricos – bronze in sparring, Oliver Contreras – bronze in patterns, bronze in sparring, Lisa Houghton – bronze in patterns, silver in sparring, Will Bryan – gold in sparring, Kenzie Power – gold in sparring, Will Oxley – gold in sparring. There were also strong performances from Will Houghton, Sophie Raine, Nicole Oxley and Tyla Nawrattel. Special mention to Sophie for her courage and skill in sparring in a large category against bigger opponents. Big respect to Mr Houghton who was competing as a black belt for the first time.


Farnham Sports Awards – success for our Tae Kwon Do girls

We’re very pleased to announce that two of our members received awards at the prestigious Farnham Sports Council/Active Surrey Farnham Sports Awards;

Congratulations to Daisy Johnson, 2nd degree black belt,  winner of the Under 18 Sports Personality of The Year award.

Congratulations to Ellie Houghton, 1st degree black belt, highly commended in the category of Young Sports Volunteer of The Year.

Black Belt Promotions

Following the recent black belt grading at TSA in Kent, we are delighted to confirm the following students from Farnham have been promoted to first degree black belt; Elena Houghton, Isabella Riley & Archie Riley. Daisy Johnson has been promoted to second degree black belt. Miss Johnson also won the award for Best in Grading.

Summer Camp

We’re looking forward to joining up with our friends at TSA for a fun-filled weekend at Summer Camp  from Friday 17th August until Sunday 19th August. All of the following activities are included and are optional; morning run, tae kwon do master class, learn your pattern, fitness session, beep test, dodgeball competition, sparring (members only), outdoor games & races, campfire quiz. To end the camp there will be a Children v Adults water fight, so bring your water pistols and soakers.

PUMA International Open Championship 2018

Congratulations to the magnificent seven who competed at the PUMA International Open Championship and came home with eight medals; Kenzie Power – gold – sparring, Will Oxley – gold – sparring, Nicole Oxley – gold – patterns, Daisy Johnson – silver – patterns, Will Oxley – silver – patterns
Melissa Oxley – bronze – patterns, Tyla Nawrattel – bronze – patterns, Archie Riley – bronze – sparring.

GTI English Open Championship 2018 – well done!

Nine competitors, seven medals, comprising 5 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze; Will Bryan won gold in patterns and gold sparring, Dimitri Perricos won gold in sparring, Archie Riley won gold in sparring, Kenzie Power won gold in sparring, Oliver Contreras won silver in sparring and Tyla Nawrattel won bronze in sparring. There were excellent performances from Ellie Houghton, Sophie Raine and Deborah Westphal too. Well done to everyone who competed.

Annual Awards 2017 – Roll of Honour

Congratulations to all our annual awards winners; Courtesy: Henry Lewis, Theory: Maria Parratt, Perseverance: Caleb Allen. Effort: Hayden Owen. Leadership: Nick Nawrattel, Sparring: Will Oxley, Patterns: Daisy Johnson, Best New Student. (one from each class): Lewis Wilson & Dimitri Perricos, Special Team of Role Models: Monty Warner, Tyla Nawrattel, Nicole Oxley, Melissa Oxley. Most Improved Student: Ellie Houghton, Competitor of The Year: Will Oxley, Ninja of the Year: Ruby Collins, Student of the Year: Oliver Contreras.

Under-16 Coloured Belt Club Championship

Junior grade patterns: gold – Alexandra Busk, silver – Dimitri Perricos, bronze – Will Bryan. Senior grade patterns: gold – Sophie Raine, silver – Nicole Oxley, bronze – Oliver Contreras. Team patterns: champions – Tyla Nawrattel, Melissa Oxley & Nicole Oxley. Sparring (4 divisions): 1) gold – Harry Collins, silver – Monty Warner, bronze – Henry Lewis; 2) gold – Sophie Raine, silver – Estelle Eltham, bronze – Melissa Oxley; 3) gold – Archie Riley, silver – Oliver Contreras, bronze – Bella Riley; 4) gold – Ellie Houghton, silver – Dimitri Perricos, bronze – Kenzie Power.