Monthly Archives: November 2016

Under-18s coloured belt Club Championship results

Patterns – 9th kup to 7th kupGold: Myles Kirby, Silver: Sophie Wardell-Priestley, Bronze: Lewis Kirby - Patterns – 6th kup to 1st kup - Gold: Melissa Oxley, Silver: Sophie Raine, Bronze: Nicole Oxley - Team Patterns - Gold: Thomas McGregor, Harry Collins & Oliver Contreras, Silver: Tyla Nawrattel, Nicole Oxley & Melissa Oxley - Sparring – junior grade lightweight - Gold: Liam Millane, Silver: Nicole Oxley, Bronze: Melissa Oxley – Sparring – senior grade lightweight - Gold: Estelle Eltham, Silver: Ryan Millane, Bronze: Harry Collins - Sparring – middleweight - Gold: Oliver Contrerras, Silver: Sophie Raine, Bronze: Ollie Verrian – Sparring – light heavyweight - Gold: Archie Riley, Silver: Josh Watson, Bronze: Kenzie Power

GTI British Open Championship 2016

Congratulations to Monty Warner, Duncan Warner, Ollie Verrian, Archie Riley, Oliver Contreras and Kenzie Power, who competed at the GTI British Open Championship. Duncan won silver in patterns and bronze in sparring, Oliver won bronze in patterns and silver in sparring, Kenzie and Archie both won gold in sparring.