Monthly Archives: September 2014

Annual under-18 Club Championship results

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the Junior Club Championship. The results are as follows; PATTERNS – 10th kup to 7th kup…1 Max Parker, 2 Sophie Raine, 3 Estelle Eltham; PATTERNS – 6th kup to 1st kup…1 Anish Rai, 2 Daisy Johnson, 3 Will Houghton; TEAM PATTERNS…Winners – Tae Kwon Do Terrors (Sophie Raine, Elena Houghton & Lauren Walton), SPARRING – under 12s lightweight …1 Josh Riley, 2 Bella Riley, 3 Ollie Verrian, SPARRING – under 12s middleweight…1 Max Todd, 2 Archie Riley, 3 Josh Watson; SPARRING – over 12s middleweight…1 Alice Davis, 2 Jacob Stoneman,3 Daisy Johnson; SPARRING – over 12s light heavyweight…1 Amber Wilson, 2 Xavier Poulson, 3 Anish Rai